Cultural shows help promote Yantai's tourism in Sanya

inputtime: 2017-10-12 14:59:31

The coastal city of Yantai in Shandong province held a tourism promotional event featuring authentic cultural performances in Sanya, Hainan province on Sept 25.

In addition to an official introduction of the city's tourism resources, which is the routine of a tourism promotional event, Yantai organized a qipao (traditional Chinese-style body-hugging dress for women) show, a Jiaodong Dagu (ballad singing with drum accompaniment popular in the Jiaodong Peninsula area) performance and a dance performance featuring the legend of "Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea", which takes place in Yantai.

Qipao, is becoming a cultural symbol of Yantai, as it is considered one of the traditional dress's cradles. Jiaodong Dagu has been included in the list of the national intangible cultural heritage. That's why Yantai chose to present the two cultural elements at the event.

The fantastic performances gave the audience a new impression of the city's cultural heritage and glamour, according to Zheng Conghui, deputy head of the tourism commission of Sanya.

"When it comes to Yantai, the first thing that comes to my mind is Yantai apple and red wine," Zheng said, adding that the unique tourism promotional event organized by Yantai offers a new way for tourism operators in Sanya to tap into his city's abundant resources.

The promotional event reflects Yantai's ambition to develop an "all-for-one tourism", where different sectors and various resources are involved to meet tourists' needs. Under the guideline of this concept, Yantai wishes that tourists can appreciate the city's beautiful sceneries while being immersed in the local culture.

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