Shandong Nanshan Aluminum

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(1) Key points of cooperation

Nanshan Aluminum is planned to discuss with foreign parties about the aviation material purchase and relevant certification and other matters.

(2) Enterprise profile

Nanshan Aluminum is affiliated to Nanshan Group- Top 500 Chinese Enterprises. In December 1999, it was listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange and has established new energy, alumina, electrolytic aluminum, aluminum profile, aluminum plate strip and foil and the most complete aluminum industry chain in the sole region in the world. Now it has realized the provision of high-precision aluminum plate strip and foil products for aerospace, high-speed rail, ship and other high value-added and high technical fields, which are sold well at home and abroad.

In recent years, Nanshan Aluminum has increased the R&D and production of high-end aluminum products, aimed at aluminum market for aviation and automobile, planned and built aviation aluminum materials industrial park and actively expanded foreign and domestic businesses. In the past two years, Mr. Will, CPO of Boeing aviation materials investigated Nanshan Aviation Materials Industrial Park for three times successively and definitely put forward to support Nanshan to be the qualified aviation material supplier of Boeing. In January 2015, Nanshan Aluminum signed “Agreement on Comprehensive Starting of Boeing Certification” with Boeing Company, therein Boeing Company promised to give comprehensive support to Nanshan Aluminum in aviation material technique and material certification. Both parties have preliminarily established strategic cooperation relationship. At present, Nanshan has reached preliminary consensus with Boeing Company on the procurement contract and they are discussing about signing formal business contract agreement.

(3) Cooperation model: Joint venture, cooperation.

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