Frequent fliers cash in on tickets between Dalian-Yantai

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Frequent fliers between Dalian and Yantai will be able to buy cut-priced monthly tickets.

The plan has been rolled out by Dalian International Airport and budget airline Joyair.

A monthly package of four tickets will cost 360 yuan ($53).

"During the trial operation, more than 500 tickets were sold in the first month," said Fu Jianhong, vice-president of Joyair.

"We also plan to develop more flexible products that could allow passengers to change the ticket to any flight on the same route before departure time," he added.

Fu confirmed that since Joyair opened the Yantai-Dalian route in 2008, the airline has reported increased passenger demand fueled by government personnel, business people and tourists.

Dalian is located on the southern tip of the Liaodong Peninsula, while Yantai is in the east of the Shandong Peninsula. Both are important cities around the Bohai Sea.

Although the distance between Yantai and Dalian is only 106 kilometers, it takes more than six hours by sea.

By land, you have to travel 1,800 kilometers on a convoluted route, while by air it takes only 50 minutes.

Dalian has again become a major city with the old industrial base in Northeast China going through a period of rejuvenation.

Yantai is now a logistics hub connecting the Beijing-Tianjin Economic Circle, Yangtze River Delta and the Northeast Asia Economic Rim.

During the past few years, trade and tourism have expanded rapidly between the two cities, triggering a boom in the travel sector.

Like the Beijing Shanghai (Hongqiao) Air Express, Dalian and Yantai airports have exclusive counters for flights between the two cities.

These provide quick check-in facilities and security checks for designated passages.

"People flying between the two cities will enjoy the services," said He Dayong, manager of the market development department of Dalian airport. "It will be as convenient as taking a bus."

Chinese-made Modern Ark 60 aircraft are used for the route and the turnaround is just 20 minutes between flights.

Connections between Dalian and Yantai have become more frequent with Joyair and Tianjin Airlines shuttling passengers between the two cities.

"The daily flights between Yantai and Dalian have increased from six last year to 10," said He. "The flights will run from 8 am until around 11 pm."

"Dalian airport will deepen cooperation with airline companies in the future," He said. "The air express between Dalian and Weihai of Shandong province will also start operation in the coming months."

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