Yantai apple festival concludes with fruitful results

inputtime: 2020-11-16 11:17:30

Agreements on 41 projects with a total investment of 37 billion yuan ($5.53 billion) were signed during the first China Shandong International Apple Festival on Oct 27-29.

The event included a series of activities showcasing China's booming apple industry and aimed to promote exchange and cooperation among major apple production areas from across the country.

An exhibition was held covering an area of nearly 20,000 square meters and featuring 904 exhibition booths.

The exhibition attracted more than 50,000 people from home and abroad, including 253 exhibitors and 2,118 businessmen.

It displayed more than 30 varieties of apples grown in China. At the international exhibition area, 13 varieties of apple from eight countries including the United States, New Zealand, Chile, Japan, South Africa, and Thailand were displayed.

Several renowned agro-products including Laiyang pears, kiwi fruit and over 20 varieties of processed products were exhibited.

During the festival, a photography contest focusing on apple culture was also held, which received a total of 4,000 works, 145 of which received awards.

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