Sino-Korea (Yantai) Industrial Park

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(1) Key points of cooperation

Build and develop medical instruments, drug development, healthy aging life and other life science industry, intelligent manufacturing, E-commerce, smart city and internet+ industry, information electronics, biotechnology, new material and new energy and other high-tech industries, energy-saving technology, environment protection equipment, resource circular using and other energy saving and environmental protection industry as well as financial service, commerce logistics, cultural creativity and other modern service industries.

(2) Park profile

Sino-Korea (Yantai) Industrial Park is the industrial park launched by Sino-Korea presidents and involved in Sino-Korea FTA framework commonly built by two countries. Adhering to innovation, coordination, green, opening, sharing development ideas, considering butt joint of national strategies and optimizing opening layout, it is devoted to creating the capital of Sino-Korea life science, Sino-Korea emerging industry communion area, Northeast Asia comprehensive international logistics hub, “One Belt and One Road” strategic cooperation platform. The total area of starting area of industrial park is 32 km2 and divided into east area and west area, with favorable regional traffic, industrial base and policy environment advantages and has basically formed perfect road network frame and public supporting facilities. In which, relying on favorable natural environment, the east area focuses on the development of consumer services; relying on the industrial advantages of national Yantai Economic and Technical Development Zone and traffic advantages of nearing airport, harbor, railway, the west area focuses on the development of strategic emerging industry and production service industry.

(3) Cooperation model: Joint venture, cooperation

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