Haiyang Railway Transportation Equipment Industrial Park

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The Haiyang Railway Transportation Equipment Industrial Park is under construction. [Photo/ WeChat account: gh_5ec6eb206937]

With a planned investment of 5 billion yuan ($768.8 million), the Haiyang Railway Transportation Equipment Industrial Park project will establish production plants spaning 350,000 square meters.The project mainly produces rail transit equipment and supporting products covering high-speed railways and subways which involve nearly 4,000 varieties of products including doors, roofs, car hoods, side walls, brakes, and folding seats for trains.

The project started construction in 2020 and plans to strengthen its local market presence in next three to five years, as well as expand its markets across China in the next five to seven years.


The park aims to introduce industrial projects related to railway transportation.

Ways of cooperation:

Joint venture, cooperation, sole proprietorship, or technology introduction


The park will develop into a comprehensive park integrating research and development, design, manufacturing, as well as service. It will focus on 10 professional manufacturing departments covering electric locomotives, diesel locomotives, bullet trains, and urban vehicles.


Contact person: Wang Yahui

Contact number: +86-151-9221-2211

Address: Nanjing Street, Haiyang Economic and Development Zone, Yantai

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