Yantai launches big data platform for apple industry

inputtime: 2021-03-02 08:41:42

The Yantai Apple Big Data Center recently began trail operations, realizing the data integration of the city's apple industrial chain.

The center will serve as a smart platform that monitors the process of apple seeding, growing, acquisitions, and sales, accelerating the upgrading of Yantai's apple industrial chain.

The center can record the growing period of the apples and offer planting tips for fruit growers through big data analysis. Blockchain technology will help track the quality of each apple and promote brand building.

The center currently houses nearly 500 million pieces of business data from 970,000 apple-growing households.

The Yantai apple has a brand value of 14.51 billion yuan ($2.12 billion) and an annual production capacity of 5.74 million tons, accounting for one eighth of the country's total output. Furthermore, the center will play an important role in developing a modern apple industry.

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