Qixia makes great strides in improving water quality, ecology

inputtime: 2022-08-18 09:43:46

The county-level city of Qixia in Yantai, which is located in East China's Shandong province, launched a comprehensive management system to improve the quality and ecology of its rivers and lakes, helping the city achieve win-win results in becoming a civilized model city and improving its ecological environment.

Qixia has invested 470 million yuan ($69.24 million) since this year and has started 12 vital water conservation projects, regenerating a total of 14.8 kilometers of polluted streams.

The ongoing efforts of the local government have helped to effectively regulate the sources of water pollution in rivers and lakes, increase the management and protection of shorelines, and improve the ecological environment in Qixia.

The city has also created two wetland ecological reserve areas, which showcase the distinctive culture of the city while simultaneously boasting stunning natural scenery and fostering peace between humans and the environment. Residents have reaped the rewards of these moves, ranging from good air quality and potable water taps to wetland protection.

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