Brief Introduction of Yantai

Brief introduciton of Yantai
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Beautiful  Landscape
  Surrounded by mountains and seas, Yantai is  blessed with the picturesque landscape and four distinct seasons. It is a  vibrant and beautiful coastal city favorable for human settlement, known as the “Fairyland on Earth and City of Wine”, where you can enjoy blue sea and sky,  golden sunshine and beach, miraculous islands, spectacular Penglai Pavilion,  illusive mirage, clusters of grapes and numerous hot springs. The city, as a  well-known tourist resort, has 83.3% air quality excellence rate and 40% forest  coverage.

  Long History
  As a city  endowed with fine spirit and outstanding people, Yantai enjoys a long history  and splendid culture. The Yantai people are of confidence and open mind, who  have created fascinating culture and art by their wisdom and hardworking. Yantai  is well known in China as “Home of Peking Opera” and “Home of Athletics”. Thirteen programs, such as Legend of Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea, have been  listed in the National Intangible Cultural Heritage. The Haiyang Yangko Dance  was performed at the Opening Ceremony of the 29th Olympic Games in the Bird’s  Nest Stadium.

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