Resource Advantage

Resource Advantages
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Abundant  Products
  Yantai is the origin of Shandong Cuisine, one of  the eight great traditions of Chinese cuisine. Here you can enjoy the genuine  Shandong Cuisine, tasting the irresistible delicious food, appreciating the  quality of the city.
  Yantai apple, Laiyang pear and big cherry enjoy a  time-honored reputation. The colors of red and green are shining on this fertile  land, with plentiful vigor and infinite enthusiasm.
  Yantai is known as the  only International Vine & Wine City in Asia and one of the top seven vine  coast in the world. There are 152 wine makers, with famous brand names  like Changyu, Great Wall and Weilong. The wine production accounts for 1/4 of  the total in the nation.
  Thanks to the rich and diversified marine fishery  resources, Yantai has become an important fishery center in China, rich in over  200 marine products, including sea cucumber, abalone, prawn and different  fish.

  Abundant Mineral  Resources
  Yantai has abundant mineral resources. The  reserves of gold, magnesium, molybdenum and talcum rank among top five in the  country. Both the reserve and production of gold are No. 1 in China, which  account for 1/4 and 1/3, respectively. The coastal continental shelf is rich in  petroleum and natural gas and has enormous potential to be tapped in the  future.

  Tourist Resort
  Yantai is  known as one of the most attractive tourism cities in China. In Yantai there are  a large number of tourist attractions such as Penglai Pavilion - one of the most  famous four pavilions in China, where the legendary Eight Immortals crossed the  sea, Kunyu Mountain – the origin of Quanzhen Sect of Taoism, visited by the  ancient Chinese emperors across 2000 kilometers, Changshan Islands – the  celestial islands over the sea, consisting of 32 small islands. Besides, there  are three national forest parks, one national natural reserve and one national  wetland park, which are scattered like pearls shining in this beautiful land.  There are also 9 golf clubs, in which the biggest course has 279 holes. All  these make Yantai a worthwhile resort for settlement, traveling, vacation,  health care and sports as well.

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