Industry Status

Industry Status
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 Solid Industrial foundation
  In order to expand  diversified industries and strive to build a highly competitive city for  manufacturing, Yantai has established five competitive industries including  machinery manufacturing, electronics & IT, food processing ,gold,modern  chemicals as well as ten product clusters including automobile, ship, computer,  mobile phone, wine, etc.

     Machinery Manufacturing

Fast-developing sectors are automotive industry, marine engineering and shipbuilding, as well as construction machinery. Major manufacturers include Shanghai GM Dongyue Auto Co, Ltd, CIMC Raffles Offshore Co., Ltd, DSME Shandong Co., Ltd and Doosan Infracore Ltd.

  Electronics &  IT
     The products include computer, communication equipment,  electronic parts, electronic materials, software, information appliances, etc.  Major manufacturers include Foxconn (Yantai) Scientific and Industrial Park,  Langchao LG Mobile Communications Co, Ltd, Yantai Zhenghai Electronic Screen Co,  Ltd, New Kinpo Group, Dongfang Electronics Co, Ltd.

  Foodstuff  Processing
  The products include wines and liquors, fruit  juice, fresh vegetables, aquatic products, animal products, edible oil,  Vermicelli, etc. Major manufacturers include Yantai Longda Group Ltd, Yantai  Changyu Group Ltd, Yantai Siwin Food Co, Ltd, Yantai Luhua Group, Ltd.


Both the reserve and production of gold in Yantai are No. 1 in China. A gold industrial chain, including gold mining, smelting, processing and mining machinery, is taking shape. Major manufacturers include Shandong Gold Group, Shandong Zhaoin Group, Penglai Jinchuang Group, Shandong Zhongkuang Group.

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