Yantai to promote smart offshore platform construction

inputtime: 2021-05-14 15:10:39

The coastal city of Yantai, East China's Shandong province plans to promote smart offshore platform construction this year to advance upgrading of modern fishing industry and boost the city's marine industry, local authorities said on May 8.

The city will establish a marine big data service platform to connect the city's marine resources and help complete its modern fishing management system.

Demonstration projects for seawater desalination will be carried out this year to promote seawater desalination and comprehensive utilization industries.

Under China's dual-circulation development pattern, more efforts will be made to international cooperation in the fields of marine biomedicine and seawater desalination.

In addition, Yantai will promote the construction of marine ranches at a higher level, and support the deep integration of marine ranches with the cultural tourism, sports and catering industries.

The city plans to establish a national 4A marine ranch scenic spot, conduct a pilot operation of recreational fishing clubs and build a pastoral complex in the sea.

The city will accelerate green development of aquaculture and implement green mariculture technologies. It will speed up the research and development of new varieties of sea cucumber, rare fish, kelp and scallops.

In addition, the city will build a smart monitoring system to maintain the order of fishing ports and ensure marine ecological security.

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