About us

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General Situation

Yantai  Investment Development Board, officially approved and financed by Yantai  Municipal People’s Government, serves as a professional department for  investment promotion.



Functions of Us

Helping  to create a favorable investment environment and promoting foreign investment  introduction policies of Yantai, collecting and releasing key foreign  cooperation projects.

Providing  investors home and abroad services for initial market research and recommending  suitable investment sites and investment mode, developing customized solutions  for investment and financing.

Collecting,  categorizing, analyzing and providing resources and investment information to  clients and establishing archive bases for clients and the network for projects  information.

Sponsoring  or co-organizing various foreign investment seminars, investment workshops as  well as press conferences for releasing information of foreign cooperation projects.

Helping  to build a mutually trustworthy communication channel between foreign investors  and local authorities for the successful launch of the projects and addressing  difficulties and problems in the process of investment and operation.

Pairing suitable partner with domestic  and foreign investors, organizing field trips and exchange activities at home  and abroad and arranging itinerary for investment field trip in Yantai.

Guiding and helping enterprises to integrate into the international market, seeking  overseas cooperation and the development of overseas investment.

Carrying out the Contact, exchanges and cooperation with the international  investment promotion organizations, coordinating and directing the investment  promotion organizations of the county and industrial park.

Operating and managing the “Yantai Investment Promotion Network “

Conducting  business related to international investment promotion and personnel training, providing  human resources services for foreign-funded enterprises and institutions.

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