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Located in the middle of Shandong province and close to the Yellow  Sea and Bohai Sea, Yantai faces Japan, South Korea and North Korea across the  sea. Being one of the first batch of coastal opening cities, Yantai governs 7  districts and 6 county-level cities with the total population around 7 million and total area of 13.7 thousand square meters. Yantai is famous for  Yantai apple, Laiyang pear, Changyu wine and Polaris clock. Moreover, Yantai’s  reserves and output of the gold occupy the first place in China. 

  Being  an important commercial town and port in ancient China, Yantai has the history  of over 600 years and advanced economy and culture. In the Spring and Autumn  period, Yantai was one of the major 5 ports; in the Tang Dynasty, the city  became the beginning place of Maritime Silk Road; in 1861, the city opened to  the outside world, over 10 foreign countries set embassies and established  factories here making Yantai one of the modern openging ports in China. 

  Yantai has beautiful environment and complete infrastructure. There are 9  ports within the city including 5 national top grade opening ports; Yantai Penglai International Airport is a first class domestic airport, open to air traffic with 50 domestic and international cities; Railway, expressway and telecommunication are all convenient. The  municipal government has been making efforts to improve the city’s image and  build an excellent investment climate, living environment and ecological  environment. Yantai is listed as the National Leading City in Investment  Environment, National Sanitary City, National Environmental Protection Model  City, National Garden City and so on.

  Yantai is one of the first batch  of National Excellent Tourist Cities. Here the average temperature is 12℃,winter  is not very cold and summer is not very hot. The city has many beautiful spots  such as ten golden beaches lying along the over 900 kilometers coastline, the  fairyland of human world—Penglai Pavilion, fairy mountain on the sea—Changdao  Island, Mushi Demesne, Chinese calligraphy rarity—Engravings of Wenfeng  Mountain, modern country--Longkou Nanshan Group and so on. These spots attract  hundreds and thousands of tourists. 

  Yantai has seven backbone  industries, they are mechanic manufacture, textile, foodstuff, gold processing,  e-information, bio-pharmacy and new meterials. There are 3 national level and 10  provincial level ecomony and technology development zones and industry parks  within the city. Having hosted several sessions of APEC Investment Mart and  International Fruit/Vegetable Exposition, Yantai has become an important host  city of APEC and Interantional Fruit/Vegetable Expositon has become an important  national commercial regular meeting. 

  Today, Yantai has already set  foot on the great journey of building a well-off society and realizing the  modernizations. Facing the scarce opportunities and austere challenges, we will  open up and advance courageously to build Yantai a regional central city as well  as an important opening base and coastal ecology tourist city. 

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