Industrial Development Plan

Industrial Development Plan
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Industrial Development Plan
  To transform the way of  development, Yantai is striving to build a National Innovative City, driven by  both advanced manufacturing and modern services, aiming of a competitive modern  industrial system with rational structure of primary,secondary and tertiary  industries.

  Upgrading advanced  manufacturing
  Machinery Manufacturing

  Great efforts  will be made on expanding transportation facilities like auto and auto parts,  ships and marine platforms, high-end equipment like digital machine tools,  airplane fasteners, space vehicle equipment, general equipment like engineering  machinery, building machinery, agricultural machinery, mining machinery and  refrigeration equipment as well as special equipment like electric power  equipment, core equipment for new energy, etc.

  Electronics &  IT
  Great efforts will be made on remaining the leading  position of computer and mobile phone, expanding electronic parts like  widescreen oversize CRT shadow mask, new-type chip components, cultivating  commercialized projects like electric and electronic device, special processing  equipment, special testing instrument, facilitating the development of  electronics application in automobile, medical care, machine tool, ship,  etc.

  Foodstuff  Processing
  Great efforts will be made on technical  innovation of traditional industries like brewery, fruit and vegetables, aquatic  processing, cereals, Livestock and Poultry, drinks, upgrading production of  wine, juice, fresh vegetables, aquatic products, livestock products, edible oil  and vermicelli.

  Modern Chemical  Industry
  Focusing on fine chemical industry, salt chemical  industry and rubber manufacturing, great efforts will be made on MDI and TDI  products, expanding ethylene and propylene related product chains, developing  polyurethanes and other fine chemicals, rubber products like all-steel radial  tire and giant OTR tire for mining machinery.

  Accelerating Modern  Services
  Priority will be placed on producer services,  strengthening finance, modern logistics, commercial services, cultural  creativity and scientific information; upgrading life services like tourism,  commercial trade and catering, real estate, the elderly care and health care,  community service.
  Meanwhile Yantai has also been fostering five strategic  emerging industries, including new energy and energy saving and environmental  protection, new materials, high-end equipment manufacturing ,bio-technology as  well as information technology of new generation.

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